Beer Meditation-An Innovative Insight

Beer Meditation-An Innovative Insight

Meditation with a Sip-

                                         Meditation with a Sip of Beer


Hi All.The thought of Meditation with a Sip of Beer seeems to be not  a matching concept or
some thing irrelevant.I have discovered a method of Meditation with a Sip of Beer.


Yes,it is possible.But the number of sip varies with person to person.

The main purpose is to calming your mind & be still.
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Thanks for being with me.

Step One
The easy way Meditation has to be done when you are in a silent safe place near a sea beach.


Have a Glass of Beer ,

Now Sit on a Chair  & put a Glass of Beer Jug infront of you on a table at a height of your eye.
Now take a deep breathe & concentrate on the motion of liquid molecules in the Beer jug.
Now listen the Sounds of Birds,Nature & Waves of the Sea.Have the below affirmation.
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This liquid molecules which are also Bubbles  in the Beer Jug are the seeds of Happiness of your life.

.Feel the happiness & Joy  & after 20 minutes drink this another jug of Beer in front of You.

Step 2-Start a Sip of Beer to Meditate

Hi All,
Step-2 ,Beer Baba Meditation(Venue-Sea Beach),Start a Sip of Beer to Meditate .The limit now has to be with only One Glass of  Beer.This has to be accompanied with  developing  the habit of Forgiveness .
After the first Sip ,Visualize the images of the Person to whom you are holding the grudge.
Now  select the 3 persons & forgive them to your fullest.
After that concentrate & meditate on the liquid molecules of the Beer which are in motion.
The liquid molecules now represent the happiness after you have forgived the 3 persons .
Now Drink the entire glass of the Beer & close you eyes .Now meditate on the sounds of the wind across the sea-shore.

People should shift to Beer drinking & avoid drinking hot  drinks like whisky etc. or any other addiction which is not beneficial for us.

Benefits of Beer drinking includes are many .But as you get positive & enlightened you will gradually get free from any habits which you will not like.
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Drinking beer makes you enter into  certain realms of your Subconscious mind after 20 minutes Beer Baba meditation methodology.
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Advantages of Drinking Beer

Amazing benefits of Beer are………………………….We all know what are the advantages of Drinking Beer in a regulated way.Some of them I like are
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Beer makes you emotional & I love to being emotional.

The country in India where I live is a beautiful one.As we grow up,we program ourselves to become like automated machines  & forget our emotional shade of thinking.After drinking Beer,as per its mechanism we gets emotional.When we become emotional we understands the other person`s side in a more practical way.

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Sometimes,Tears start dropping from eyes & ultimately it makes the way to express our feelings before ourselves & thus releases the stress.It is very essential to shed the Tears once in a 3-6 months
& release our hidden emotions.This is ultimately good for our Heart.

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When you understands Human,you are close to your divinity which will ultimately leads to practise Humanity.
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Good Day


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