The Power of your Karma

Hi All.Seasons start and blossoms come to your garden of life.We are here in this planet to breathe the best winds .We are here to sail through our life in the best of its way.


The way we choose our karma in this life has to be designed & chosen to benefit the society.

To shape it further we should understand our nature to understand our thinking pattern.In this process i have found that Astrology is one of the Tool to understand our past Karma & redesign our future karma.

In fact Astrology tells us the meaningful and interlinked connection between living things and planets. This relationship tells the effect of planets on us. Astrology has been studied and practiced continuously for thousands of years and has played an important, and often central, role in the scientific, medical, philosophical, literary and psychological traditions and cultures all over the world. In our books, we have the proof of existence of astrology for many years ago.

The Natal chart is the reflection of our account & the Power of our Karma.


The question arises,One can be ask that, “What is a horoscope?” What is astrology all about? In Simple terms, Horoscope is a chart of planets and houses. The planets are PLACED in their position at that initial moment of birth. That is why this type of horoscope is known as the birth chart or the natal chart.


Its basically A proposed divine Map of your life. Astrology is practical Astronomy and one step head, as it seeks to trace the relationship between planets and stars, and their effects on human affairs.

After all,every  Good or Bad Karma is in  the hand of every Individual.

So always think before you act & get the Power of Your Karma to your Best.


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