Positive thoughts for Affirmations to release Stress & unwanted Anxiety


This technique has to be done daily in Morning immediately after you have awake & before going to sleep at Night .Sit on a chair with relaxation music  & close your eyes .Take 5 deep breath & Relax.Then repeat the below thoughts  & thus affirm it.You have to continue this for 21 days minimum for best results .

Always Believe that GOD   IS ALWAYS with you,irrespective of your belief.


I forgive,accept & I love myself .


I am very happy in my life &  I do not feel anxious.


I am Strong like a Rock.


Everyday in every-way  I am getting better and better.



I speak &  think only positive thoughts in my Mind.


To know more & energize your Life join me in a almost Free Seminar.

Positive Vichar  presents

Hi All,

The Time has come to ACHIEVE the Maximum Performance.

I Welcome YOU All to join  the Performance Improving Seminar @UR City- 

                         “7 Life Success Mantras”

Duration -2.30 hrs

 to achieve your Peak Performance in your Business or Career.

Come we will discuss about Goals & how it can change your Life Path.

Never Quit-

The Only limit to success is the limit in your Mind.

Start Dreaming Big,


The first Seminar Location is in Jamnagar in the upcoming Months.

Book your seat now @the nominal Complimentary Registration charges of Rs 100.

Send me mail to Confirm ur Seat-







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