The Power of Vedic Astrology

The entire Cosmos is the creation of the God.The question comes to our mind,What are the functions of Astrology?

VEDIC ASTROLOGY : Vedic astrology is the ancient Indian system of astrology. The Word ‘Vedic’ comes out from ancient language of Vedas; The Jyotish is a sanskrit word, the meaning of Jyotish is JYOTHI + ISH – Jyothi means light and Ish means means God. So Jyotish means ray of light. Jyotish is a knowledge to use divine light that removes ignorance.


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Astrology tells us the meaningful and interlinked connection between living things and planets. This relationship tells the effect of planets on human being. Astrology has been studied and practiced continuously for thousands of years and has played an important, and often central, role in the scientific, medical, philosophical, literary and psychological traditions and cultures all over the world. In our books, we have the proof of existence of astrology for many years ago.


One can be ask that, “What is a horoscope?” What is astrology all about? If so, you’re going to find the answers here. Simply terms, horoscope is a chart of planets and houses. The planets are frozen in their position at that initial moment of birth. That is why this type of horoscope is known as the birth chart or the natal chart.

Understanding how to do astrological interpretation offers everyone a chance to fully understand their own and other people’s character. However, most methods of teaching astrology force people to memorize planetary placements study of the solar system, learn complex astrological facts, etc. As a result, many people think learning astrology is “too complex” for them.

Actually, the basics of astrology are simple and easily learned.There are twelve Houses in a Horoscope.

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……to be contd.


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