How to become Rich by Mind power


Do you want to become Rich & Successful-

Join my tele Course on “Master Your Subconscious Mind” .This course is a weekend course for 3 months & is instructed on Cell phone by one to one on personal Level.You can attend it at your own Home .At a very reasonable price.Save Money by avoiding attending costly workshop.Message me now.The course medium is English & Hindi.The course content will be sent to you by Whats app .

Do you know How our Subconscious Mind works?

I have read the books on Subconscious Mind .The topic gave me the further boost to attend a live Seminar & further workshop on How to Harness the Power of Subconscious Mind.We always work on conscious Mind level & mostly people do not try to become masters of their Mind Power .This is due to the lack of knowledge about the Powers of our Subconscious Mind Power.We should understand how the Subconscious Mind works. Our Mind Power comes from ourSubconscious level & in coordination with the Conscious Mind.So we have to know the differences between it and theconscious mind.

Features of the Subconscious Mind-The most important elements to successfully using your Mind Power ARE-


1.The Suconscious Mind knows no limitations.2.It acts in the command of present & in alignment with the Conscious Mind.3.It do not understand the difference between real and unreal.4. The Subconscious will never displays the lack of Aundance.5.Conscious Mind is Logical,whereas Subconscious Mind act the logic of Conscious Mind.


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