Money Magnet Workshop

Money Magnet Tele Workshop Session @ Ur Home

Money Magnet Tele Workshop Session
@ Ur Home

Dear All,

To multiply the money I have introduced
“Money Magnet Workshop” sessions by one to one interaction & personal coach session for 7 Sundays or as per your convenience at your Home.
I have developed the “Money Magnet Workshop” sessions which  I will deliver through the Cell phone & accordingly will make you a Money Magnet.
The sessions are designed which includes many milestones to activate your subconscious Mind & further take action to get the desired Money which you set as your Goal.

Ask yourself-

1.Do you really want to become Rich?

2.If Yes,How much amount You want to accumulate at your Bank  balance and by which Date?

3.What is the Strategy you are planing to become Rich?

4.If yes,then have you assigned your Money Goals to your subconscious Mind?

5.Do you know How to communicate with your sub-conscios Mind?

6.What are the Rules of Wealth?

7.Do you practise daily Meditation?

8.Do you practise the Daily Money Affirmations?

9.Do you daily write Daily Money Journal?

and ……………………………etc.

Thanks for the Reading.


OM & Amen



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